Guest Blog: Feet of Foot

Fleet of Foot are your local walking football group who we are proud to support through sponsorship of their team kits, and so we invited founder Robin to do a guest blog to give you an update on what is in store for Fleet of Foot in 2019…

“At age 62 I was still running regularly. Not half marathons anymore but anything from 3 to 6 miles. Two heart attacks later, with my confidence badly shaken, I found any kind of activity difficult to sustain due to self doubt.  I then discovered walking football which gave me little time to think about anything other than the ball! No looking back now.” Robin, founder

It seems only yesterday that 10 guys started kicking a ball around in the gym at the old Hart Leisure Centre for an hour a week, mainly for keep fit purposes.  Fast forward to today and Fleet of Foot is a thriving club with over 80 members running 3 sessions a week on the modern Astroturf pitches at the new Everyone Active leisure centre and with a varied programme of events.

Highlights of from February and March included Tony Chaplin winning a free meal for himself and his wife at the Exchequer, the ladies team visiting Portsmouth for their first ever away day (won 3, drew 1), a visit from a specialist speed walking coach to teach us to walk (!), the start of Hampshire’s new monthly league format in Eastleigh and the first part of home and away friendly games against Bournemouth WFC 60+ and 70+ teams.

“A career in the RAF taught me the importance of physical fitness. Add my love of football and I feel a teenager all over again.” Elaine, team member

Sometime in May, we aim to organise a charity tournament in collaboration with the Exchequer. Not long after, we should be enjoying our annual Summer BBQ. It’s not all huff and puff; there’s also brew and chew…

We’ve recently taken delivery of our new shirts and caps generously provided by the Exchequer and these are in the process of being rolled out to new members. I know one or two are so taken with the shirts that they wear them to bed! OK, so I’m one of them.

Off the field, some of us have been busy assuring our future by consolidating the club’s structure. We now have a modern looking constitution and a steering group. No board meetings, chairperson or endless chin wagging for us modern folk. It’s all replaced by electronic communication and coffee shop bonding. Come and join us. Wear what you like! 

“I thought metal plates in my knees meant the end of sport for me. Then someone told me about walking football.” Steve, team member

Fleet of Foot Walking Football Club meet at Hart Leisure Centre, Emerald Avenue, Fleet GU51 5HS. Contact Robin Howard on or telephone 07799 664454 for more information.

For more information about how we are part of our local community here at The Exchequer,
take a look at our Local Page.