We are passionate about delivering a traditional village pub experience and believe that being part of our local community in Crookham Village, Fleet and the surrounding areas, is important in achieving this.

Local Food and Drink

We are proud to source from local suppliers; from nearby farmers to offer the highest quality cuts of meat on our menus, to local wineries producing exquisite English sparkling wine, we have developed close relationships with our local producers to ensure our offering has travelled little distant to reach the pub.

We are also pleased to be members of Hampshire Fare, further growing our knowledge of the local ingredients according to the season,  and helping them to promote the incredible food offering and talented chefs that our country has to offer.

Charity Support

As of 2020, The Exchequer is very proud to be supporting local charity, The Vine Centre, as it’s chosen charity partner.

Located in Aldershot, this incredible charity supports anyone within the local area who is struggling. Whether an addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, loneliness, mental health or something that is preventing you from living life to its fullest. The organisation provides a wealth of valuable support, training and programmes to get you back on your feet and feeling in control.

By raising money for The Vine Centre, you are supporting the charity in developing its services, programmes and support groups for our local friends and neighbours who may be in need.


Fleet of Foot – walking football

What started as a U3A team, is now an independently run, 70-strong group of men and women who meet at the new Hart Leisure Center for a fun and friendly game of walking football. (In case you haven’t heard of walking football before, it is exactly what you think; football without all that running up and down, only walking is permitted in this growing sport.)

They hold 3 football sessions a week and a growing social calendar as founder Robin’s aim is to make it an informal and friendly group which has the community’s physical and social wellbeing at it’s heart.

Participants in the charity tournament in aid of Piggles Trust, April 2019